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Friday, January 20, 2006

Where is the media coverage of the BNP ‘hate speech’ trial taking place in Leeds?
At the same time, the trial is taking place in London of Abu Hamza, accused from what I can see of not wildly dissimilar things.
The difference is that you can find a significant quantity of media reporting of the Hamza trial across all sections of the media, but there seems to be, relatively speaking, total radio silence on Mr Griffin’s trial. Surely if the prosecution have got a good case (and I assume that they have) against the defendants why aren’t the predominantly left-leaning press making hay with the evidence against Mr Griffin and the BNP? – They seem to be happy to report most of Mr Hamza’s rants.
Could it be that because among other things that Mr Griffin is accused of having said is “…sooner or later there's going to be Islamic terrorists letting bombs off in major cities.... it's going to be done by asylum seekers or it's going to be done by second generation Pakistanis living somewhere like Bradford.”?
I would imagine that this sort of thing would not go down very well with the country at large. However, surely it would be better if all the facts were laid bare to encourage some sort of meaningful national debate rather than the current situation where things are carefully swept under the carpet.


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