Location: London, United Kingdom

Friday, February 03, 2006

I have just witnessed the (what I presume is spontaneous) London march by some muslims protesting about the publication of those tasteless (& more importantly) unfunny cartoons. Those marching were bearing many erudite (I sincerely jest) banners and placards.
One of them read, "Behed (sic) all Europeans!".
Anyone living in this 'multiculti' paradise can have no complaints whatsoever about such exclamations. While the old rules are still in force, everyone has the right in 'multicultiland' to say what they like about the State, Government, Press, Church or 'fellow countrymen', etc. It won't be long however, before the old rules are completely discarded to make way for some new rules that bar any comment regarding any of the above - it really does stand to reason.
As an aside, I wonder how much of my taxes has gone to pay for the significant police presence (including helicopter) to manage them.


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