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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Now you may well be wondering exactly where the 100,000 supporters of the ‘moderate muslim’ march to Trafalgar Square got to yesterday. On the eve of the event The BBC, with no trace of bias, told us that they had been informed (not by the Police) that at least that number would gather at Admiral Lord Nelson’s feet (what on earth he would have made of it I simply shudder to think - it was well worth giving his life to defeating the French and the Spanish….).
The sad answer is that ‘moderate muslims’ are in desperately short supply. Just 5,000 of them managed to find their way to SW1. Here was a chance for 100,000 of them (a mere 2% of the muslim population of the United Kingdom) to make a stand against the hardliners and state plainly that they would like to distance themselves from their chums in hizb ut tahir whose sole mission here in Blightly is to introduce sharia law.
The harsh reality is that these ‘moderates’ were nowhere to be found. They are simply hedging their bets. They are not prepared to stick their head above the parapet, yet. But no sooner than there is a whiff of a possibility that they will be able to kick down the door that successive generations of spineless liberals have left ajar (or in the case of the Marxists - Attlee, Bevan, Wilson, Callaghan & Blair have actually willingly opened) they will be all over Trafalgar Square. If the Marxists and David Cameron are unfazed by this prospect I hope they know that this will mean that along with up-ending Nelson’s column, it will also signal the removal of the statue that so brilliantly sums up how far this country has managed to come in the last 40 years - ‘Alison Lapper’ - A testament to the Human race’s ability to override Darwin’s theory - to both comic & disastrous effect.


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