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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jean Charles de Menezes

Can we please desist from discussing this tiresome subject from now on.
He was an illegal immigrant.
The fact is that if he had not been part of the London black labour market, he might have been known to the Police, Local Council, Tax Office etc and therefore not mistaken for some crazed muslim. Obviously being shot for just holding illegal guest-worker status is just a bit harsh, but I think we all accept that the Police made an honest mistake (I suspect that the Army intelligence unit and the Police didn’t liaise as well as they could have). But as they say in war, ‘shit happens’.
It is right and proper that there is a shoot to kill provision for the Police in the UK (it should sit alongside a new internment policy) until we have managed to correct some of the malaise that has taken a stranglehold in this once great country.


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