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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Constitution is back....

After the Titanic hit the iceberg back in 1912 it took a while before the Captain, Officers, crew and passengers realised that they were done for. The first to realise that the ship was going down were the passengers below deck in Third Class.
The same is true for Europe today.
While the indigenous lower classes have – in a panic, but rationally – begun to vote in ever growing numbers (although regrettably still too few in the UK) for so-called populist, "islamophobe" politicians, the European establishment politicians and mainstream media are discussing how to revive the European Constitution which the voters in France and the Netherlands rejected last year. Instead of focussing on the much more important task of trying to prevent an impending and imminent clash of cultures, the establishment politicians are totally absorbed in efforts to circumvent the rejection of their constitutional project.
The assassinations of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, the bombings in Madrid and London, the French riots, the Danish cartoon case, should represent the best collection of warnings to even the blindest establishment, but all Europe's politicians care about is that when Europe goes down it goes down with a constitution. Europe's current predicament has two causes. A self-inflicted "demographic winter" is setting in on the continent. Last week the Finance committee of the French Assembly wrote that by 2030 Europe will represent only 8% of the world's population, compared with 22% in 1950. Within the same period the average age of its citizens will rise from 29 to 39 years and the fertility rate will drop from 2.6 to 1.4. The situation is particularly serious in Germany, Italy and Spain. These dramatic figures are all the more worrying as they take into account the large immigrant population that has settled Europe since the 1960s and '70s. In the midst of its demographic implosion Europe invited in large numbers of fecund people belonging to an alien culture and religion. This in itself was asking for problems - I think that Enoch Powell referred to this potentially causing some trouble. The latter were exacerbated by the second cause of Europe's predicament: the refusal of Europe's ruling liberal elites to uphold law and order and to defend its traditional values (rooted in Christianity) and institutions, such as the nation-state. It is this combination of "lazy multiculturalism and corroded civil society" that is killing Europe. The EU Constitution is an example of the corrosion of one of the most important of Western institutions, the Nation State. But Europe's politicians, including its new leaders, fail to notice and are actually exacerbating the situation. Last week it was revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who never made a secret of her desire to revive the European constitutional treaty, along with the cunning French president Jacques Chirac, have devised a Franco-German plan to present the core of the EU Constitution to the French and Dutch voters again. This is their plan: The rejected constitutional treaty would be reduced to its first two parts, that which sets out the EU's competences and the charter of fundamental rights of the union. A political declaration would be added and the new document would be put to a fresh poll in both France and the Netherlands. The remaining third part of the text, detailing the EU's policies, would subsequently be ratified by the French and Dutch parliaments, thus completing the ratification of the entire EU Constitution. Europe's leaders would be required to sign a declaration on the "social dimension of Europe" in order to soothe the fears of Socialist voters that the EU will liberalize the economy (the one good bit of the proposal). The Franco-German plot seems already to have met with the approval of Belgium, which throughout its 175-year history has always been a French lackey (apart from the short periods when it went to bed with Germany). Belgium's Prime Minister is an outspoken proponent of a federal European superstate, a "United States of Europe," which will in effect be a 'Greater Belgium'. Last week the Prime Ministers of Finland and Portugal also called for a European Constitution based on the existing draft. Earlier the Spanish Foreign Minister, made it clear that Spain also wants the Constitution implemented. Another crafty old Frenchman, former President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, also wants a revival of the rejected Constitution. He said the other day that Europe will have to "correct" the fact that it was rejected by two countries.... "The Constitution will have to be given a second chance," wanged on Mr Giscard because apparently the electorate had voted no out of an "error of judgement" and "ignorance." He stressed that Europe's leaders would not be stopped by the people: "In the end, the text will be adopted." He also predicted that the Constitution would be a stepping stone to further integration later and that the Constitution is for this generation, but for the next generation "there will be something else". Alas I fear that our children will not be living under a new constitution but by then the shit will truly have hit the fan and the last thing on the mind of young indigenous Europeans will be the constitution but a Europe-wide replay of the Balkans in the 90's.
Merkel's motivation to play ball with the other Eurocretins is partly because Germany's deficit next year will fall outside the rules laid down by, er, yes...Germany in the 1990s. Last year it pressured the EU to relax them because it can no longer comply with them. It's the same sort of behaviour that Val d'E is showing over the consitution. "We make ze rules, we break ze rules". The only bit of good news is that Sarkozy, the French interior minister and presidential hopeful, is reluctant to put the Constitution to the voters a second time. He would prefer to adopt only those proposals of the rejected treaty which enjoy a "large consensus." This cherry-picking approach is designed to lead to a "Diet Constitution". One of the cherries that Mr Sarkozy wants to pick includes increased checks against over-regulation by national parliaments. "Over regulation by national parliaments" - is he having a laugh?! The EU invented the concept. He is on tour right now across the EU trying to flog his idea of a "mini constitutional treaty" (and also to enhance his international prestige for the 2007 French presidential elections by showing how popular he is with the other leaders - how this will turn on the French voters I don't know - they hate foreigners). A recent survey conducted among the Brussels establishment of Eurocrats – EU politicians, journalists, lobbyists, NGOs and bureaucrats – shows widespread support for constitutional cherry-picking. Of those questioned in the survey 70% believed that a "Constitution lite" would be just the ticket. No great surprise that Euro-Civil-Servants are in favour of it - they wouldn't survive in the real world - they need their cushy, pen-pushing jobs.
However, there are also "hardliners" who insist that the Constitution is dead since the French and the Dutch rejected it. Outspoken proponents of this position are Poland and the Netherlands. Both countries seem to be inately sceptical of the project but never seem to come out and really say why they are. The Dutch you can understand, firstly they have already rejected it and secondly, as I have said before, they know full well what is around the corner (Fortuyn & Van Gogh for starters) and they are pretty sure that the EU will be no defence against that threat. The Polish President opined "The old constitution created a certain hybrid, which was not a European superstate yet, but was not that far from it", but failed to clarify what the Poles didn't like about it - a bit too German I would guess.
Whether we get Constitution lite or the Full Monty completely misses the point. It is not whether we are joined up or not that really matters, but what it is that we would stand for if we were together. The far right parties & peoples of Europe will have to decide whether to try and shape a continent by strengthening the links to its past or sleepwalk into a multiculti car crash. The Euro liberal elite are carrying out a sort of grand ideological coup d'etat and the constitution is a significant tool in achieving it. As a result, the day when a proper coup is executed in some European country moves ever closer.


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