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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Odio il Tikka del Pollo

Silvio Berlusconi wouldn't be the first person in Europe I would have imagined to have any significant political alignment with but recently he has made some sense in a couple of speeches. The Italian Prime Minister said he does not want Italy to become a multiethnic, multicultural country. This stance has drawn plaudits from right-wing allies (of which I guess he has had very few recently) and strong criticism from the usual band of liberal/communist multi-culti loving cherry b's.
Silvio said, "we don't want Italy to become a multiethnic, multicultural country. We are proud of our traditions." Berlusconi's government has put in place a tough immigration policy, including legislation cracking down on illegal immigration. The 2002 law allows only immigrants with job contracts to obtain residency permit. Now that's a good idea. I wonder if we in the UK could consider such a move.
"We want to open (our borders) to foreigners who flee countries where their lives or liberties are at risk," said Berlusconi, adding those who come to Italy to work also are welcome. "We don't want to welcome all those who come here to bring about damage and danger to Italian citizens." We know who he is talking about here.
Thousands of illegal immigrants come to Italy every year, mostly crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa on rickety boats. On Monday a group of more than 200 of them landed on Lampedusa, a tiny island off Sicily. Most immigrants, if they elude police, move on to other European countries. I understand that the UK is quite a popular venue - they feel at home here.
The Northern League, a right-wing anti-immigrant party, welcomed Berlusconi's remarks.
"Here's the Berlusconi we want," said Roberto Calderoli, a Northern League leader who was forced to resign as reforms minister last month after he wore that muhammad T-shirt on state TV. "Our values, our identity, our history, our traditions" must be defended against immigration" he said.
With Signor Berlusconi (who is a big mate of Tony B's) 'coming out' on this topic it makes one wonder when someone in the UK will actually stand up and be counted (no, not Nick Griffin or Kilroy).


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