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Thursday, January 25, 2007

You probably haven't read this yet (and in truth are very unlikely to in the mainstream media).
Ethnic English children living in mixed race communities have 'lost their sense of identity' and 'are marginalized' says a new Home Office report.
At its most extreme our own children do not know where they come from.
A review of citizenship lessons in schools by Sir Keith Ajegbo, a Home Office adviser (you couldn't make it up), concludes that white children are suffering 'labelling and discrimination' that is severely compromising their idea of being British.
Multiculturalism has failed a generation of school children because the concept is fundamentally flawed. Forcing disparate communities to live side by side where mutual contempt and disdain is forever just below the surface just doesn’t work. It didn’t work in former Yugoslavia, the former Soviet Union and it isn’t working in Britain’s inner cities.
This study cites the example of a class where a young English (white) pupil in her early teens, after hearing that her classmates originally came from the Congo, Portugal, Trinidad and Poland, said she "came from nowhere". That quote must be a real success for the Marxist inspired educators who set out in the 70s and 80s to deliberately transform society. Years of denouncing Britain’s history as racist and imperialist, years of denigrating national heroes and belittling the achievements of our forebears have reached a zenith of achievement for the educators and media pundits in the words of the teenage girl who came from nowhere.
In truth it is a nadir for our people. While pupils of Trinidadian origin are encouraged to celebrate their Caribbean culture and pupils of Bengali origin are urged to hold on to their traditions children of native British parentage are positively discouraged from celebrating their history, or exploring their identity.
The situation is far worse in England than it is in the so-called Celtic nations. Welsh, Scottish and in particular Irish identities are far less likely to be attacked and reviled as much as the English identity. Liberal educators and broadcasters tend to dwell on the supposed historical English exploitation of the Celtic nations. It is interesting to note that the report uses the term 'white' when it really should specify ethnic English. The use of the term 'white' is partly pejorative and encourages the fracture of society along the lines of broad racial characteristics instead of allowing our people to call themselves what they truly are on grounds of cultural integrity.
Rudyard Kipling is attributed with the quote: “To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life”. Now it seems that to be born English is akin to failing to get three numbers on a Saturday night.


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