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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Slavery - An Apology

The biggest apology for the slave trade was made when Great Britain abolished it. The abolition was forced through in spite of the significant economic arguments against at the time. Slavery had never been abolished in any part of the world at any time before the British put a stop to the practice.

We should, in fact, mark the anniversary by celebrating the fact that it was Great Britain that did the most to bring a halt to the business. We were the first nation to ban it, and the size and power of the Royal Navy during the 19th century gave us the power to destroy it elsewhere.

We should certainly not apologise. Remember that it was British Christians, who outlawed it first.

Not Africans.

Not Muslims.

Not Americans.

But the British.

Maybe a 'Thank You' is in order.

What is most interesting to me is exactly why it seems so important to apologise now for what happened then. I strongly sense the whiff of victimhood being played by our Caribbean friends who feel they are being squeezed in the new multi-culti mish-mash nation between a variety of immigrant ethnic groups that are intelligent, employed, hard working, drug free, gun free, and making some sort of 'positive contribution' to UK Plc.

To listen to the arguments in favour of an apology from the an extremely representative spokeswoman, click here:

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