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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zimbabwean Cricket

It was excellent to hear this morning that John Howard has had the courage to intervene and mandate that the Australian Cricket team will not tour Zimbabwe. He stands alone thus far as a leader who is prepared to openly state that Mugabe is a "grubby dictator" and therefore won't play ball.
This follows hot on the heels of the announcement that, despite some manoeuvrings behind the scenes at the UN, Zimbabwe is going to be leading the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. What a comedy. The man who will be in charge, Francis Nhema the Minister for Environment and Tourism, has an interesting track record in sustainable development. He has managed to take a 2,000 acre farm (when I say 'take' that is what I mean) from the white farmer who owned it and has turned it into a 'wasteland' according to sources ( What Nhema has done has been repeated thousands of times over in Zimbabwe. Rhodesia on the other hand had a very good track record of sustainable development earning itself the moniker 'the bread basket of Africa'. However, since Mugabe decided that the white farmers should be shown the door and their land taken over by 'late developers' the country has spiralled out of control, going from a net exporter of food to be famine ridden.
Maybe Howard's spine might prove to be some inspiration to the gutless leaders of the developed world who insist on meddling in, involving and even talking to leaders of 'late developer' nations. They should be left well alone.


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