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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let's Go Backwards (about 100 years)

I have just discovered yet another benefit of living in MultiCultiLand. The BBC have just reported that school children in Luton are contracting T.B. (link) at an alarming rate. 'Big deal' you may think, but a little digging into the facts and things look rather unsavoury - I am mystified as to why the BBC failed to look into the facts and provide us all with a proper evaluation....
It turns out that Luton has three times as many incidents of TB than the national average. Three times. Strange.
In what other respect does Luton nearly beat the national average by three to one, I hear you ask. And the answer the number of immigrants enriching it.
In the 2001 census, 7.5% of respondents nationwide were born outside the UK. But in Luton, that figure was nearly 20%.
Of course, there could be some other explanation for this perfect corrolation. Sadly for the Multi-Culti gang it has been clearly established that, to quote from a report from the charity TB Alert, "increases in TB rates are directly linked to immigration". If the Luton schoolchildren did not contract TB as a result of immigration, plenty of others obviously did.
Just another one of the myriad ways in which immigration enriches Britain.


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